What is China Unicom WiFi SSID?

China Unicom WiFi SSID is: ChinaUnicom

WiFi or WLAN Service Activation Instruction

China Unicom mobile subscribers and data card customers can visit China Unicom retail store, or calling 10010 customer service hotline, or send SMS to 10010 to activate or deactivate the WiFi or WLAN service:

• Activate WiFi or WLAN service:SMS "TYWLAN"

• Deactivate WiFi or WLAN service:SMS "TDWLAN"

• Reset WiFi or WLAN password:SMS "CZWLAN"

• Inquiry WiFi or WLAN service status:SMS "CXWLAN"

After the customer’s initial login onto the WiFi portal, it is highly recommend that the customer to modify its initial password. Postpaid subscriber can use China Unicom’s hotspots nationwide.

China Unicom’s data card user will use data card account number as WLAN account.

How to use it

In the login page, enter your login account name, account location and password, the verification code on the page, and hit "login". Once the timer shows on the home page, it starts record the time of your WiFi service; you can start use China Unicom WiFi service. Please keep the timer page open while you are surfing the internet.

In case you forgot your password, please click on "forgot password" to reset your password. Your new password will be send to your handset via SMS.

If you decide to stop using internet service, you can click on the "disconnect" button on the timer page to stop the timer. There will be a pop window to show your actual usage of the WiFi service.