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User Manual (v3.3) Table of Content 1. SIM Card Activation and Registration 2 2. How to Use the SIM Card 3 2.1 Using the SIM Card for the first time 3 2.2 Receiving calls 3 2.3 Calling a mobile number in China 3 2.4 Calling a fixed line number in China 3 2.5 Calling an international number when in China 3 2.6 Calling when outside China 4 2.7 Cautious 4 2.8 Emergency Call Number: 110 4 2.9 Displays of 4G LTE sign 4 2.10 4G LTE coverage (as of March 2016) 4 3. Service Package and Refill 5 3.1 Data refill or purchasing international direct call service package 5 3.2 Airtime top-up 5 4. Account Balance Inquires 5 5. APN Setting 7 6. FAQ 7 Appendix 9 International direct calling tariff information 9 Airtime and tariff information 9 International Roaming Tariff 11 Major Tourist City Telephone Are Code and Post Code 12 1. SIM Card Activation and Registration If you purchased the SIM card from a distributor/retailer rather than Amazon, your SIM card will be activated and registered by the seller, you don’t need to do anything, please skip this chapter. If you bought your SIM card on Amazon, Your MUST ACTIVATE your new China Unicom SIM Card first! Otherwise, it won’t work! The activation process won’t shorten your SIM Card validation period, which only starts when you actually use it! Activation is simple! No technical background is required! All you need to do is the following: Email a copy of your passport and Chinese visa page (if available) at, and include your Amazon order ID and China Unicom phone number in the subject line. China Unicom phone number is a 11 digit number, printed on the white sticker starting with “132…” or “155…”, refer to the picture on the right. Once we receive: (1) A copy or picture of your passport, (2) Amazon order ID, (3) China Unicom phone number; We will activate and complete the registration process for the SIM card within 24 hours after receiving the above required information.   2. How to Use the SIM Card 2.1 Using the SIM Card for the first time You must follow the following steps: 1. Power off your phone 2. Insert your new SIM card 3. Power on your phone 4. Your phone should connect on a GSM/WCDMA/LTE network, for example, AT&T 5. Send text “2082” to 10010 to check your data package balance. Please note, when you insert the SIM card for the first time outside China, it may take up to 15 minutes for the SIM card to register with one local network due to international roaming. Please be patient. 2.2 Receiving calls People in mainland China can just dial your number directly to reach you, for example, 132 818 12345; People outside China needs to dial +86 plus your number, for example, +86 132 818 12345 2.3 Calling a mobile number in China Dial the 11 digit mobile number directly; Chinese mobile number all starts with 13../15../17../18… For example, call number 15680912345 directly. 2.4 Calling a fixed line number in China Dial 0 + area code + phone number, Beijing area code is 10, Shanghai is 21, Chengdu is 28; for example, calling a Chengdu fixed line number 85332544, dial 028 85332544. You can find more major Chinese tourist city area code information at the end of this manual. 2.5 Calling an international number when in China If you purchased international direct call package (see appendix for tariff information) ,then dial “00” or “+” + country code + phone number, for example, calling US number 617 346 1234, dial “001 617 346 1234” or +1 617 346 1234. If you have not purchased international direct call package, you need to have sufficient airtime to place international calls. To save money, you can use IP prefix “10193”. Here is how to dial: “10193”+ “00” + country code + phone number,for example, calling US number 617 346 1234, dial 10193 00 1 617 346 1234. 2.6 Calling when outside China Please dial “00” or “+” + country code + phone number. For example, when you are in US, calling 617 346 1234, dial +1 617 346 1234. 2.7 Cautious If you use personal Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi device, please make sure turn off cloud based back-up services like iCloud on devices connect with personal Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi device. Using this SIM card surf Internet or making calls outside China will significantly reduce the data and voice usage capacity, or even cause the SIM card being suspended. English-speaking customer service agents can be reached via email at or phone 0086 28 85332544 and 0086 156 8092 7447. 2.8 Emergency Call Number: 110 Please dial “110” when you experience any dangerous situation like medical, rubbery, fire or any other situation, which you need local authority’s help. This is the equivalent “911” number in United States or “112” in Europe. 2.9 Displays of 4G LTE sign China Unicom has deployed two types of LTE technologies: FDD-LTE (up to 150 MB/S) and TD-LTE (up to 100MB/S), which means China Unicom 4G LTE networks support all 4G smartphones. However, unlike AT&T wireless and other 4G LTE operators; all of the Chinese mobile operators including China Unicom only display 4G sign instead of LTE sign on the handset when the device is connected to a 4G LTE network. If you see a 4G sign displayed on your handset, it means your handset is connected to a 4G LTE network. 2.10 4G LTE coverage (as of March 2016) China Unicom’s LTE network covers following major cities: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xian, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Changsha, Jinan, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Harbin, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Shijiazhuang, , Suzhou, Qingdao, Dongguan, Dalian, Ningbo, Changchun, Haikou, Taiyuan, Nanning, Yantai, Xiamen, Kunming, Hefei, Guiyang, Luoyang, Tangshan, Hohhot, Yulin, Lanzhou, Xining, Nanchang, Yinchuan, Jiaxing, Foshan, Quanzhou, Weifang, Wenzhou, Fuyang, Wuxi, Yichang, Hengyang, Guilin, Langfang, Linfen, Nanchong, Weinan, Nanyang, Nantong. Note: If your city is not in the list above, you’ll be likely connected to a 3+G HSPA network. Depend on your handset; the data speed is up to 42MB/S. 3. Service Package and Refill This SIM card is a customized China Unicom SIM card, which is tailored to Chinese inbound international visitors. The service packages that are configured on the SIM card include: A. Nationwide 4G LTE data, valid for 90 days after initial usage; This is a basic service package, each SIM card must have one data package. B. International direct call package; this is an optional service package. There are 4 different international calling zones. Please refer to the appendix for pricing information. C. Airtime; this is an optional service. Airtime can be used when data package or international direct call package are used up. When airtime balance is less than 5CNY, caller will hear voice low balance reminder in Chinese. 3.1 Data refill or purchasing international direct call service package Data package refill or purchasing new international direct call package is only available at Data package purchased at other retail channels WILL NOT work with this SIM card and could even cause this SIM card been suspended! 3.2 Airtime top-up General China Unicom airtime can be applied to this SIM card, which means you can either purchase airtime at or other retail channels. 4. Account Balance Inquires You can check your balance when you are in or outside China. Just send text "101" to 10010 for airtime balance; send text "2082" to 10010 for data balance. These texts are free of charge.   5. APN Setting For most of devices, this SIM card does not require any APN configuration to access Internet; it’s a pure plug and play. Most of the iPhones does not require any APN setting. However, some of the Android based devices sometimes requiring customers to manually configure their APN in order to access Internet correctly. If you have an Android OS based device, and your phone can make calls and receive texts, but cannot access Internet, please try to configure the APN based on the following instructions: New APN setting: Entering wireless control-> Mobile Network Settings-> Wireless Access Points (WAP) name-> Menu-> New APN, then you can input following information: Name: wonet (or 3gnet) APN: wonet (or 3gnet) username:blank password:blank MCC: 460 MNC: 01 APN type:default 6. FAQ Where can I refill or purchase more data, airtime and international direct call package for my SIM card? Yes, please visit to refill data, airtime or purchasing international direct call package. Can I purchase multiple international direct call packages for my SIM card? Yes, but you can only purchase different calling zone packages. You cannot purchase the same calling zone twice. For example, you can purchase Zone A + Zone B, but you cannot buy Zone A + Zone A. How do I get SIM card account balance information? Can I check the balance outside China? Yes, you can check your balance when you are in or outside China. Just send text "101" to 10010 for airtime balance or send text "2082" to 10010 for data balance. These texts are free of charge. What is the SIM card validation period? How can I extend it? Validation period is 90 days after first use. Validation period can be extended on by purchasing “Keep your #” service. Why do I need to provide my passport information? The Chinese government requires ID information for all mobile users to eliminate fraud and illegal activities. Your passport information is only used for registration purpose. Can I use my China Unicom SIM card outside China? Yes, the international roaming feature is enabled on your China Unicom SIM card; however, international roaming tariff is rather expensive. We do not recommend you to use it as it will impact the balance of the service package on your SIM card, and even suspend your SIM card due to lower balance. Do I need to cancel my China Unicom SIM card after I leave China? No, no need to cancel your SIM card. The SIM card will be canceled after 90 days of first use automatically regardless if there is any balance on the card; unless you purchased “Keep your number” service to extend the validation period. Is there a monthly data usage limitation for my China Unicom SIM card? Unfortunately, yes, China Unicom has a 4G LTE data usage limitation of 6GB per month. Once the usage reaches 6GB in that calendar month, you cannot add more data to the same SIM card account. What can I do if I need to use more than 6GB data per month? The simplest way to use more than 6GB data per month is to get two SIM cards. It is acceptable for users to have multiple SIM cards using the same identity document.  Appendix International direct calling tariff information The following table shows the number of minutes available with one (1) international calling package: CALL DESTILATION MINUTES TARIFF (FACE VALUE) AFTER INITIAL MINUTES Zone A: Hong Kong, USA, Canada and Singapore 100 0.36 CNY/min Zone B: Taiwan (excluding 008861418, 00886986, 00886973, 008869712, 008869713, 08869714, 008869715, 008869001), Macau, South Korea, Malaysia, India and Thailand (excluding ACES 006681200,006681201) 60 0.66 CNY/min Zone C: Japan, Vietnam, Columbia and Brunei 40 0.96 CNY/min Zone D: Australia, France (excluding 003359, 0033638,0033640),Spain, Greece, Egypt, Russia (excluding 007954), Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Ukraine, Mongolia 20 1.96 CNY/min Airtime and tariff information SIM card airtime credit allows users to make voice calls, sending text &multi-media messages or surfing Internet when no more balance left in their basic 4G data service package. Following table shows the tariff of using airtime credits: TYPE TARIFF(FACE VALUE) NOTE Domestic voice call 0.20 CNY/min Free incoming calls Domestic text 0.10 CNY/message Free incoming messages Domestic MMS 0.10 CNY/message Multimedia message, free incoming messages 4G data 0.20 CNY/MB Rate applies after initial basic 4G data service package is depleted International calls See international direct call table Rate applies after initial international call package is deleted International text 0.80 CNY/message Free incoming messages International MMS 1.50 CNY/message Free incoming messages Note: One international call package can only be applied to one calling Zone. If your call destination country is not in Zone A-D, please purchase additional airtime, and dial IP prefix “10193 + 00+ country code + area code + phone number” to enjoy similar low international calling rate. For example, to reach US number (617) 321-0000, dial 10193 001 617 321 0000. International calls made WITHOUT using this prefix or an international calling package will be billed at the rate of 0.8 CNY for each 6-second interval. Please be cautious!  International Roaming Tariff International roaming tariff applies when using this SIM card outside mainland China.   Major Tourist City Telephone Are Code and Post Code Call Chinese fixed line phone, need to dial 0 + area code + phone number City Area Code Beijing 10 Chengdu 28 Chongqing 23 Dunhuang 937 Guangzhou 20 Guilin 773 Guiyang 851 Haikou 898 Hangzhou 571 Hhhot 471 Huangshan 559 Jinan 531 Kunming 871 Lanzhou 931 Lhasa 891 Lijiang 888 Luoyang 379 Nanjing 25 Qingdao 532 Shanghai 21 Shenzhen 755 Suzhou 512 Urumqi 991 Xian 29 Source: Translated with Google Translation and some edits. 中华人民共和国工业和信息化部令 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Decree 第25号 No. 25 部长 苗圩 Minister Miao Yu 2013年7月16日 July 16th 2013 电话用户真实身份信息登记规定 Phone users true identity information registration requirements 第一条 为了规范电话用户真实身份信息登记活动,保障电话用户和电信业务经营者的合法权益,维护网络信息安全,促进电信业的健康发展,根据《全国人民代表大会常务委员会关于加强网络信息保护的决定》和《中华人民共和国电信条例》,制定本规定。 1. In order to regulate telephone subscriber's identity information registration activities, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of phone users and telecom operators, and maintenance of network and information security, and promote the healthy development of the telecommunications industry, "the decision of the Standing Committee on strengthening the network information protection National People's Congress," according to and the "People's Republic of China telecommunications regulations," enactment of this provision. 第二条 中华人民共和国境内的电话用户真实身份信息登记活动,适用本规定。 2. Phone users’ true identity information registration activities in the People's Republic of China is applicable to this provision. 第三条 本规定所称电话用户真实身份信息登记,是指电信业务经营者为用户办理固定电话、移动电话(含无线上网卡,下同)等入网手续,在与用户签订协议或者确认提供服务时,如实登记用户提供的真实身份信息的活动。 本规定所称入网,是指用户办理固定电话装机、移机、过户,移动电话开户、过户等。 3. The term telephone subscriber's identity information registration means that telecom operators to users for a fixed telephone, mobile phones (including wireless network card, the same below) and other network access procedures, when an agreement with the user to confirm or provide services, users are required to register using their true identity information. The term network refers to users for a fixed telephone installed, relocation, transfer, mobile phone accounts, and transfer and so on. 第四条 工业和信息化部和各省、自治区、直辖市通信管理局(以下统称电信管理机构)依法对电话用户真实身份信息登记工作实施监督管理。 4. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities Communications Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) in accordance with law and supervision of telephone subscriber's identity information registration. 第五条 电信业务经营者应当依法登记和保护电话用户办理入网手续时提供的真实身份信息。 5. Telecommunications operators should register users according to law and protect the true identity information provided by the telephone users for network access procedures. 第六条 电信业务经营者为用户办理入网手续时,应当要求用户出示有效证件、提供真实身份信息,用户应当予以配合。 用户委托他人办理入网手续的,电信业务经营者应当要求受托人出示用户和受托人的有效证件,并提供用户和受托人的真实身份信息。 6. When telecom operators process users' registration for network access, users will be required to provide valid documents, real identity information, the user shall cooperate. If users entrust others (representative) to handle the user's registration procedures, telecommunications operators will require user's representative to provide valid identity information of the user and the representative. 第七条 个人办理电话用户真实身份信息登记的,可以出示下列有效证件之一: (一)居民身份证、临时居民身份证或者户口簿; (二)中国人民解放军军人身份证件、中国人民武装警察身份证件; (三)港澳居民来往内地通行证、台湾居民来往大陆通行证或者其他有效旅行证件; (四)外国公民护照; (五)法律、行政法规和国家规定的其他有效身份证件。 7. Acceptable ID for individual users: (1) Chinese national ID (2) People's Liberation Army military identification cards, Chinese People's Armed Police ID (3) Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents or other valid travel documents (4) Foreign citizen’s passport (5) Other ID issued by government agencies 第八条 单位办理电话用户真实身份信息登记的,可以出示下列有效证件之一: (一)组织机构代码证; (二)营业执照; (三)事业单位法人证书或者社会团体法人登记证书; (四)法律、行政法规和国家规定的其他有效证件或者证明文件。 单位办理登记的,除出示以上证件之一外,还应当出示经办人的有效证件和单位的授权书。 8. Acceptable document for legal entities: (1) Organization code certification (2) Business license (3) Certificate of legal institutions or social organization legal entity registration certificate (4) Other certificate issued by government agencies 第九条 电信业务经营者应当对用户出示的证件进行查验,并如实登记证件类别以及证件上所记载的姓名(名称)、号码、住址信息;对于用户委托他人办理入网手续的,应当同时查验受托人的证件并登记受托人的上述信息。 为了方便用户提供身份信息、办理入网手续,保护用户的合法权益,电信业务经营者复印用户身份证件的,应当在复印件上注明电信业务经营者名称、复印目的和日期。 9. Telecommunications operators should verify the user's identification documents, and truthfully registration category and the name (name) on the documents described in the documents, number, address information; for users entrust others network access procedures, the trustee shall also examine documents and registering the above information trustee. In order to facilitate user identity information, for network access procedures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, telecommunications operators copy the user ID, the telecommunications operators should be indicated on the copies the name, purpose and date of the copy. 第十条 用户拒绝出示有效证件,拒绝提供其证件上所记载的身份信息,冒用他人的证件,或者使用伪造、变造的证件的,电信业务经营者不得为其办理入网手续。 10. User refused to show valid documents, refused to provide information on their identity documents described, impersonation documents or use of forged or altered documents, telecommunications operators are not allowed to provide any services. 第十一条 电信业务经营者在向电话用户提供服务期间及终止向其提供服务后两年内,应当留存用户办理入网手续时提供的身份信息和相关材料。 11. Telecommunications operators to provide services during and after termination of phone users to provide services provided within two years should retain users for network access procedures identity information and related materials. 第十二条 电信业务经营者应当建立健全用户真实身份信息保密管理制度。 电信业务经营者及其工作人员对在提供服务过程中登记的用户真实身份信息应当严格保密,不得泄露、篡改或者毁损,不得出售或者非法向他人提供,不得用于提供服务之外的目的。 12. Telecommunications operators should establish and improve a user's identity information security management system. Telecom operators and their staff in the course of providing services to register the user's identity information should be kept strictly confidential and shall not disclose, altered or damaged, shall not be sold to others or illegal, can not be used for purposes other than providing services. 第十三条 电话用户真实身份信息发生或者可能发生泄露、毁损、丢失的,电信业务经营者应当立即采取补救措施;造成或者可能造成严重后果的,应当立即向相关电信管理机构报告,配合相关部门进行的调查处理。 电信管理机构应当对报告或者发现的可能违反电话用户真实身份信息保护规定的行为的影响进行评估;影响特别重大的,相关省、自治区、直辖市通信管理局应当向工业和信息化部报告。电信管理机构在依据本规定作出处理决定前,可以要求电信业务经营者暂停有关行为,电信业务经营者应当执行。 13. Phone users true identity information generating or leaks occur, damaged or missing, the telecommunications business operator shall immediately take remedial measures; caused or may cause serious consequences, should be immediately relevant telecommunications agency reports managed to, with the relevant departments for investigation and handling . Effect of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority should report possible violations or discover the true identity of telephone subscriber information protection provisions of the act be assessed; particularly significant impact, the relevant provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities Communications Authority shall report to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Telecommunications Regulatory Authority before making a decision on the basis of this provision, may require telecommunications operators to suspend the conduct telecommunications business operators should be executed. 第十四条 电信业务经营者委托他人代理电话入网手续、登记电话用户真实身份信息的,应当对代理人的用户真实身份信息登记和保护工作进行监督和管理,不得委托不符合本规定有关用户真实身份信息登记和保护要求的代理人代办相关手续。 14. Telecommunications operators commissioned agent telephone network access procedures, registration of phone users true identity information, the user should register and protect the true identity of the agent work supervision and management, shall not be entrusted not comply with the provisions of the relevant user's identity information and registration By the claimed agency procedures. 第十五条 电信业务经营者应当对其电话用户真实身份信息登记和保护情况每年至少进行一次自查,并对其工作人员进行电话用户真实身份信息登记和保护相关知识、技能和安全责任培训。 15. Telecommunications operators should their phone user's real identity information registration and protection of self-examination at least once a year, and a phone user's real identity information registration and protection of relevant knowledge, skills and responsibility for security training of their staff. 第十六条 电信管理机构应当对电信业务经营者的电话用户真实身份信息登记和保护情况实施监督检查。电信管理机构实施监督检查时,可以要求电信业务经营者提供相关材料,进入其生产经营场所调查情况,电信业务经营者应当予以配合。 电信管理机构实施监督检查,应当记录监督检查的情况,不得妨碍电信业务经营者正常的经营或者服务活动,不得收取任何费用。 电信管理机构及其工作人员对在实施监督检查过程中知悉的电话用户真实身份信息应当予以保密,不得泄露、篡改或者毁损,不得出售或者非法向他人提供。 16. Telecommunications Regulatory Authority shall telecom operators phone users true identity information registration and protection of supervision and inspection. Telecommunications Regulatory Authority implementing supervision and inspection, may require telecommunications operators to provide relevant material into its production and business establishments investigation, telecommunications operators shall cooperate. The implementation of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority case supervision and inspection, supervision and inspection should be recorded, telecom operators shall not impede the normal operation or service activity, shall not be charged any fees. Telecommunications management agencies and their staff for the telephone user's identity in the process of supervision and inspection should be known to be confidential and shall not divulge, altered or damaged, shall not be sold or illegally to others. 第十七条 电信业务经营者违反本规定第六条、第九条至第十五条的规定,或者不配合电信管理机构依照本规定开展的监督检查的,由电信管理机构依据职权责令限期改正,予以警告,可以并处一万元以上三万元以下罚款,向社会公告。其中,《中华人民共和国电信条例》规定法律责任的,依照其规定处理;构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任。 17. Telecommunications operators in violation of the provisions of Article VI, the provisions of Article 9 to 15, with or without supervision and inspection of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in accordance with the provisions carried out by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority shall order to make corrections, be warned, It may impose one million yuan 30,000 yuan, to the public. Among them, the "People's Republic of China Telecommunications Regulations" provides legal liability, dealt with in accordance with its provisions; constitutes a crime, be held criminally responsible. 第十八条 用户以冒用、伪造、变造的证件办理入网手续的,电信业务经营者不得为其提供服务,并由相关部门依照《中华人民共和国居民身份证法》、《中华人民共和国治安管理处罚法》、《现役军人和人民武装警察居民身份证申领发放办法》等规定处理。 18. Users to fraudulent, counterfeit or altered documents for network access procedures, and telecommunications operators are not allowed to provide services, by the relevant departments in accordance with the "People's Republic of China resident identity card Law", "People's Republic of China on Public Security Administration Punishment Law" "servicemen and people's armed police to apply for identity cards issued regulations" and other regulations. 第十九条 电信管理机构工作人员在对电话用户真实身份信息登记工作实施监督管理的过程中玩忽职守、滥用职权、徇私舞弊的,依法给予处理;构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任。 19. Telecommunications Regulatory Authority staff during the registration information to supervise and administer the true identity of telephone subscribers in dereliction of duty, abuse of power, corruption, and will be dealt with according to law; constitute a crime, be held criminally responsible. 第二十条 电信业务经营者应当通过电话、短信息、书面函件或者公告等形式告知用户并采取便利措施,为本规定施行前尚未提供真实身份信息或者所提供身份信息不全的电话用户补办登记手续。 电信业务经营者为电话用户补办登记手续,不得擅自加重用户责任。 电信业务经营者应当在向尚未提供真实身份信息的用户确认提供服务时,要求用户提供真实身份信息。 20. Telecommunications operators should inform the user and to take measures to facilitate the implementation of the present provisions of the preceding information is not yet available or the identity of the true identity of incomplete information provided by the user go through the telephone registration by telephone, SMS, and other written communication or public announcement. Telecom operators for the phone users go through registration procedures will be allowed to increase the responsibility of the user. Telecommunications operators should be provided at the time had not yet confirmed the real identity of the user to provide the service, it requires users to provide real identity information. 第二十一条 本规定自2013年9月1日起施行。 《电话用户真实身份信息登记规定》已经2013年6月28日中华人民共和国工业和信息化部第2次部务会议审议通过,现予公布,自2013年9月1日起施行。 21. The regulations shall go into effect September 1, 2013. "Telephone subscriber's identity information registration requirement" has been June 28, 2013 2nd ministerial meetings and the People's Republic of China Ministry of Information Industry for consideration, it is hereby promulgated for implementation from September 1, 2013.